Sunday, March 23, 2014

Calla Lily and Cross: Easter Card

Calla Lily and Cross: Easter Card

Marianne Designs Cross Die                                                   LR0252           
Dee’s Distinctively Leaf (used for Calla Lily)                        IME-076                       
Cheery Lynn Church Window Die (used for embossing)     FRM143
Pearl Paper (light purple)                                                        80110409
White Card stock (heavy and light weight)
Moss Green Card Stock
Starform Silver Line stickers                                                   #1004
Purple ribbon
Jeweled Brad (Joy Craft)                                                          6030/0007
Yellow stamens
Double sided tape (3mm)                                                          BE03
2mm foam tabs
Piercing Tool


  1. Cut a piece of card stock 4 x 12” and fold in half.
  2. Create a silver frame around the card using the silver sticker lines.  To create the perfect corner; overlap the sticker lines and then miter the corner( cut on a 45 degree angle through both of the sticker layers) with a hobby knife.  Remove the excess sticker pieces.
  3. Die cut the cross from the light purple pearl paper.
  4. Place your embossing (rubber) mat on top of your cutting plate.
  5. Place the window die on top of (the front) of the white card in the area that you want the window.  Place both items on top of the embossing mat.  Add the appropriate plates to emboss the item.  I use the "Press Boss," so there is only one plate to put on top and then adjust the rollers to #10.
  6. Emboss the window by rolling the above combo through you die cutting machine.  Since you used the embossing mat then the die will not cut the cardstock but just emboss the design into the card.
  7. Attach a piece of purple ribbon as shown to the cross.  You will need to fold over the ribbon in the center of the cross so that it will drape nicely over each arm of the cross.  Pierce a hole through the ribbon and cross and then press the brad through both.  Open up the brad on the back to secure the ribbon to the cross.
  8. Attach the cross to the card as desired, using 2mm foam tabs placed in the solid areas of the cross.
  9. Die cut 3 leaves from light-weight white card stock.
  10. Die cut one leaf from moss green heavy weight card stock.
  11. Cut 3 strips of heavy weight moss green card stock approximately 3/8” wide by 3-4” long.
  12. Cut the white leaves in half.  The wider tip of the leaf will be the top of the calla lily.  Taper the other end with your scissors.  Use something to curve the leaf at the bottom.  I used the handle from a paint small brush.  This will make it easier to fold the edges of this end over each.  When you are happy with the shape you have created open up the calla lily and place a piece of 3mm double sided tape in the middle of the lily and attach the stamen and the green strip to this tape.  The stamen should show above the fold but the stem should not.
  13. Fold the two edges of the lily so that they overlap and adhere using the 3mm double-sided tape.
  14. Repeat the above 2 steps for the remaining 2 lilies.
  15. Arrange and attach to the card using the double-sided tape and foam tabs.  I attached the lily flowers to the card with foam tabs and the stems with double-sided tape.
  16. Place a green leaf over the arrangement using double-sided tape.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Glittered Spring Tulip Card

Glittered Spring Tulip Card


Black Peel off sticker #4678
Starform black sticker lines #1016
Sticker Transfer Sheet
Glitter Ritz Micro Fine Glitter:  Burgundy, garner, Lilac, Peridot, Moss Green, Warm Highlight
Be Creative Sheets
Lilac and White Card Stock
Moss Green Card Stock
Dee’s Distinctively Dies (leaves)
Glitter Magnet
Foam Tabs 1mm

  1. Cut a piece from the Be Creative Sheet large enough to place the tulip sticker on
  2. Attach the Be Creative tape to a piece of white card stock (same size as sticker)
  3. Cut the peel off sticker in half and remove the excess around the tulip sticker.
  4. Cut a piece of transfer sheet large enough to cover the tulip design.  Place the transfer sheet over the tulip design and rub down firmly using a large embossing stylus or the back of a marker (anything with a rounded tip). 
  5. Slowly peel pack the transfer sheet ensuring that the entire tulip design is being transferred.
  6. Peel off the protective cover from the Bee creative tape attached to the card stock.
  7. Transfer the tulip design on the transfer sheet to the sticky side of the Be Creative Tape and card stock piece.
  8. Rub down and peel back the transfer sheet leaving the design attached.  Depending on the paper you use you may have to trim the transfer sheet and and extra card stock from the sticker design to remove. Some papers will release the transfer sheet while others will not.
  9. Add the glitter to the design one colour at a time.  Start with the darkest colour moving to the lightest colour.  I used garnet for the stamens, burgundy for the center petals of the tulip, lilac for the outside leaves of the tulip, peridot for the leaves under the tulip, and moss green for the bottom leaves and warm highlight for the background.
  10. Use a needle tool to pick up and then peel back each of the parts of the design.  Then generously sprinkle the glitter on top of the area to be covered.  Burnish or rub the glitter in with your finger, then tap off the excess on top of a piece of paper (that had been folded and then opened again).  After you have glittered each part of the design then fold up the sides of the paper so that the glitter moves to the center then lift up and tip into the container. 
  11. Wipe the excess glitter from the design using a “Glitter Magnet” or a Swiffer duster sheet works well also.
  12. Attach the glitter design to a piece of moss green card stock as shown.
  13. Make a 4 x 6” card from lilac card stock.  I embossed a line design into the card using a scoring board.