Sunday, March 9, 2014

Glittered Spring Tulip Card

Glittered Spring Tulip Card


Black Peel off sticker #4678
Starform black sticker lines #1016
Sticker Transfer Sheet
Glitter Ritz Micro Fine Glitter:  Burgundy, garner, Lilac, Peridot, Moss Green, Warm Highlight
Be Creative Sheets
Lilac and White Card Stock
Moss Green Card Stock
Dee’s Distinctively Dies (leaves)
Glitter Magnet
Foam Tabs 1mm

  1. Cut a piece from the Be Creative Sheet large enough to place the tulip sticker on
  2. Attach the Be Creative tape to a piece of white card stock (same size as sticker)
  3. Cut the peel off sticker in half and remove the excess around the tulip sticker.
  4. Cut a piece of transfer sheet large enough to cover the tulip design.  Place the transfer sheet over the tulip design and rub down firmly using a large embossing stylus or the back of a marker (anything with a rounded tip). 
  5. Slowly peel pack the transfer sheet ensuring that the entire tulip design is being transferred.
  6. Peel off the protective cover from the Bee creative tape attached to the card stock.
  7. Transfer the tulip design on the transfer sheet to the sticky side of the Be Creative Tape and card stock piece.
  8. Rub down and peel back the transfer sheet leaving the design attached.  Depending on the paper you use you may have to trim the transfer sheet and and extra card stock from the sticker design to remove. Some papers will release the transfer sheet while others will not.
  9. Add the glitter to the design one colour at a time.  Start with the darkest colour moving to the lightest colour.  I used garnet for the stamens, burgundy for the center petals of the tulip, lilac for the outside leaves of the tulip, peridot for the leaves under the tulip, and moss green for the bottom leaves and warm highlight for the background.
  10. Use a needle tool to pick up and then peel back each of the parts of the design.  Then generously sprinkle the glitter on top of the area to be covered.  Burnish or rub the glitter in with your finger, then tap off the excess on top of a piece of paper (that had been folded and then opened again).  After you have glittered each part of the design then fold up the sides of the paper so that the glitter moves to the center then lift up and tip into the container. 
  11. Wipe the excess glitter from the design using a “Glitter Magnet” or a Swiffer duster sheet works well also.
  12. Attach the glitter design to a piece of moss green card stock as shown.
  13. Make a 4 x 6” card from lilac card stock.  I embossed a line design into the card using a scoring board.

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