Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oriental Lattice Fan Card

Oriental Lattice fan Card

Fan Die:                                        IME048
Lattice Die:                                   IME043
Flourish Die:                                 IME020
Micro Fine Glitter (Apple Red)
White, Red, Black card stock           
Be Creative Tape 40 mm             BC40
Foam tabs .5mm                          6500/0000
Foam tabs 2 mm                          6500/0003
Stick on Red pearls
Medium embossing stylus

  1. Cut a piece of white card stock 5.5” x 5.5 “.
  2. Die cut a lattice and large fan from black card stock.
  3. Die cut a large fan from red card stock
  4. Use a ruler to score lines along the fan folds and create creases alternating front and back.
  5. Die cut a large and medium flourish using the BeCreative tape.  Die cut on the printed side of the tape, then peel off and apply to the fan as shown.
  6. Peel off the remaining part of the double-sided tape and sprinkle over the tape the Apple Red Glitter.  Burnish the glitter with your finger then brush the excess glitter off the fan.
  7. Attach the medium flourish to the corner of the white card and apply the Apple Red Glitter.
  8. Attach the lattice to the card using the .5mm foam tabs cut in half.
  9. Offset the red fan onto the black fan and then attach on top of the lattice with the 2 mm foam tabs.
  10. Attach stick on pearls to the fan as shown

The lattice can be cut in half or change the size as needed to fit your design.  The fan die set comes with 3 sizes of fans, large (the one used in the design) a medium fan and a smaller fan.

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