Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Box

All Occasion Box with Christmas Design

Christmas Box--Open 
Finished Size of the box is :  2 1/4" x 3" x  5/8"

Matchbox die (large) Cheery Lynn B330
Ivory Card stock [I used Romak Heavy weight card stock]
Moss Green Card Stock  [I used Romak Heavy weight card stock]
Polka Dot embossing folder CTFD 3014
Paper Poinsettias with stamens dark red RB220 (bright red RB2221)
(you may also choose to use punched or die cut poinsettias)
Be Creative Double-sided tape 5 mm
Green Ribbon from Multi-colour pack  #63000021


  1. Die cut the Box part of the match-box out of moss green card stock or ivory.
  2. Die cut the “sleeve” part of the match-box from the opposite colour as above…if desired to have a two-tone box.
  3. Emboss the "sleeve" of the box (3-sides) using the polka dot embossing folder.
  4. Fold the box and sleeve along the fold lines.
  5. Starting with the box itself, place double sided tape along the side parts of the box.
  6. Peel off the tape from one of the long sides of the box first.  Fold up the shorter end flaps of the box to form a square.  Then fold the long part of the box down onto the tape as well.
  7. Repeat for the opposite side of the box. 
  8. Peel back the double-sided tape from the end pieces and fold the flap down.  The box should be complete.
  9. Fold the sleeve part as indicated.  Add tape the thinnest of the folds.  Attach the top of the sleeve to the small fold.
  10. Slide the box part into the sleeve.
  11. Tie a ribbon around the box and tie a knot.
  12. Decorate the sleeve of the box using the paper poinsettias. 
  13. Fold two stamens in half.  Press the folded end through the opening in the poinsettia.  First press through two of the coloured leaves and then through the green leaves. Pull the stamens down so they are tight.
  14. Fold the stamens to one side and hold in place with a piece of double-sided tape.
  15. Peel back the other side of the double-sided tape and attach to the box as desired.
Use this die to create many different box designs for all of your special occasions, for party favours, to store your jewelry....endless designs......endless possibilities!

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