Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

Red Glittering Candle
I have just finished making my Christmas cards for this year 2013 and thought I would share my design with you.  I chose to use a few of Dee's Distinctively Dies (Candle and Pine Branch) that work well with microfine glitter to add some sparkle, after all Christmas is a time for lots of sparkle and bling
Red Glittering Candle Card

Supplies and Instructions:

Dee’s Distinctively Dies:  Candle Set IME010, Pine Branches  IME028
Embossing Folder:  Nellie’s Choice Christmas Rectangle EFE 001
Glitter Ritz Micro Fine Glitter: Fire Red 34MFP
Glitter Ritz Micro Fine glitter:  Light Gold 32MFP
Be Creative Double sided tape:  40mm wide (or wider), and 3mm
Ivory Card 4 x 6
Red Card stock [I used Joy Craft Linen Red Card stock (A5): 80990009]
Moss Green Card stock [ I used Romak Moss Green Card Stock (light weight)
Sticker lines gold #841 or #1092
Sticker Multi Sayings Christmas #362
2 mm foam tabs
0.5mm foam tabs
Pigment Inks for shading as desired
Hobby knife
Die Cutting/Embossing machine [I used Nellie's Press Boss]
Joy Craft Bow Maker 

  1. Emboss the ivory card using Nellie’s Christmas Rectangle embossing folder.
  2. Die Cut the red candle base using Joy Craft Linen Card stock.
  3. Attach a strip of the 40 mm double-sided tape to the red linen card stock and die cut one of the wax dripping designs out of the taped card stock. 
  4. Die cut the two parts of the flame from the red taped card stock as well.
  5. Die cut one of the pine branch designs from green cards stock and cut design into the two pieces.
  6. Glitter the wax dripping design using the Fire Red Glitter.  Also glitter the large part of the flame in the fire red glitter and the smaller design in light gold glitter.   How to Glitter:  Simply peel back the tape, hold the design at the edges and pour glitter over the design.  Burnish the design (rub in the glitter) with you finger. 
  7. Cut the candle to the appropriate size (3 inches), and using the back of your scissors or tweezers, curve the design.  Attach to the ivory card using 2 mm foam tabs in the middle of the design.  You may wish to use 0.5mm foam tabs at the edges.  This will allow the candle to keep a curve and appear dimensional.
  8. Attach the glittered candle drippings on top of the candle using the 2mm foam tabs.  Also attach the flame pieces, first the larger part of the flame using 0.5 mm foam tabs and then the gold glittered part of the flame on top.  You may wish to cut your foam tabs in half to fit the smaller parts such as the inner part of the flame
  9. Ink the pine branches as desired.  I used a darker green pigment ink. Attach the pine branches to the design, one facing one way the other the opposite direction using 3mm Be Creative Double sided tape.   
  10. Tie a bow [I used the Joy Craft Bow Maker] from red or green ribbon and attach to the card using Be Creative double sided tape (3mm)
  11. Create a sticker line frame around the card using the sticker lines.  
  12. Add a Christmas saying as desired from Sticker sheet #362
  13. Use the tiny dots found inside the circular line design and attach these to the embossed holly berries in each corner.  Simply lift up the dot using a hobby awl, or piercing tool (see my favourite tools coming soon), and place in the position desired.

Coming Next Week..... 
A Christmas Box everyone will be sure to treasure!

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