Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Simply Tulips in a Vase

"Simply Tulips" in a Vase

I was inspired by a few cards that I saw on Pinterest, one showing some vases on a card and the other 3-D tulips.  Tulips are also my favourite flowers, so of course I had to make this "Simply Tulip" card!

Simply Tulips in a Vase

Simply Tulips Zoomed


Embossing Floral Punch                                     FLP 045
Dee’s Distinctively Floral Leaf 2                        IME 077
Nested Rectangle Frame                                     MFD 048
Embossing folder for vase                                  HSF005
White, Purple, Pink, Yellow and green card stock
Double sided tape
Foam tape
Foam tabs white and black 

  1. Cut a piece of card stock 8 ¼” x 81/4” and fold in half lengthwise.
  2. Cut a piece of card stock 2” x 3 “ .  Place this piece of card stock on a scoring board and score lines at ¾”, 1”, 1 ¾”, 2”.  Rotate the piece to the side and score a line at 2 ½” and along the top edge.
  3. Cut out the corner pieces at the bottom to allow you to fold into the vase rectangle shape.
  4. Use the embossing folder to emboss the front of the vase in a desired pattern.
  5. Fold and tape the vase together.
  6. Die cut a frame using the middle rectangle frame.
  7. Die cut 4 leaves.  Curve the leaves and trim them to an appropriate size.
  8. Punch out one yellow, one purple and one pink flower, emboss the flowers using the embosser.
  9. To make the tulips:  pinch two of the 4 petals together.  Mold the tulips by pinching all 4 of the petals together.  Open up the tulip again and place double sided tape on the inside of 2 of the petals.  Fold up the petals again and use tweezers to hold the tape to the layers.
  10. Cut a piece of green card stock into a thin strip.  Cut a small hole in the bottom of the tulip and slip the strip up into the tulip.  Attach the stem to the inside of the tulip with a black foam tab.  This will look like the black stamens inside real tulips and keep the strip inside.
  11. Repeat step #9 for the remaining tulips.
  12. Score the front of the rectangle card as desired.
  13. Attach the frame to the card using foam tape.
  14. Attach the vase to the card using foam tape.
  15. Arrange and add the tulips and leaves as desired using foam tabs.

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